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Annie+Alex & Friends - The Embroidery Co

Introducing the first of our series of Annie+Alex & Friends!

I used to go for baby full month parties and baby showers bearing red packets instead of gifts. Reason being I could not find anything practical for the baby and it would look weird (although practical) if I were to bring packs of diapers instead.

So months into starting Annie+Alex, I was on the lookout for brands that could compliment the business and had practical products that would be good for gifting. My vision was to provide customers a one stop shop with different gifting options to suit all budget types. This will minimise their need to head out to look for gifts, or be troubled to purchase from 2 different online stores to combine into a gift.

The first brand that I collaborated with was The Embroidery Co. As Annie+Alex prides ourselves in personalised gifts, The Embroidery Co was a very good match as they are in the personalisation business as well!

We kickstarted our collaboration with 3 main gift sets - Personalised Mummy Gift Set, Personalised Baby Gift Set and Personalised Mummy+Baby Gift Set

Our collaborated gift sets were very well received, especially the Personalised Mummy+Baby Gift Set

The success from the launch of our collaborated sets led us to the creation of more gift sets - Baby Cloud Blanket + Teether Gift Set, Personalised Mummy Set + Belinda Necklace and Personalised Mummy Set + Josie Necklace.

Following the launch of our Swaddle Blankets and 100% Natural Latex Pillows, we decided to  launch more gift sets so that customers have many more options to choose from. 

We'd love to hear from you! 

What would you like to see in our Gift Sets?

Leave comment below or email!


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