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Benefits of Natural Latex Pillows

Updated: Aug 29, 2018

Did you know that humans spend one-third of our lives sleeping? That is why sleep time is very important and good sleeping habits should start from young!

As a mother, I have been researching the various types of pillows available in the market for my 2 children. Currently, the most available baby and toddler pillows in Singapore are Memory Foam Pillows.

In my research, I found that Memory Foam Pillows are made with Polyurethane Foam - a petroleum based material that emits volatile organic compounds that can cause respiratory problems and skin irritation.


This definitely, is not a something that I would want my children to be sleeping on top of for 10-11 hours daily.

Thus more research has led me to find out about latex pillows.

Firstly, what are latex pillows?

There are three different types of latex: natural, synthetic and blended.

Natural latex comes from the sap of rubber trees, synthetic latex is made from petrochemicals and blended latex is a combination of the two. While synthetic latex often smells like chemicals, natural latex pillows are environmentally friendly and scent-free.


Of course, for the betterment of my children, I had decided on Natural Latex Pillow as it is chemical free, scent free and environmental friendly!

What are the benefits of natural latex pillows?


Natural Latex Pillows hold its shape and softness much longer than cotton pillows. Made with an open cell structure and are designed with ventilation holes. This ensures good ventilation and moisture regulation for a comfortable sleep, day and night.


As Natural Latex Pillows are elastic, they will not go flat and does not need to be "fluffed". The elasticity of a latex pillow conforms to the shape of baby's head and adjusts to their movements throughout the night. Whether baby sleeps on their back or on their sides, natural latex pillows will provide great support for a great night’s sleep.

Allergen Free

Natural Latex Pillows are naturally anti microbial and mould-resistant, which a big plus for Singapore's humid climate. Naturally a sterile product, natural latex does not support the growth of dust mites or other common allergens which makes it an ideal pillow for children, as well as adults.


At the moment, Natural Latex Pillows for babies and toddlers are not widely available in Singapore.

That is why we have approached European Bedding - distributor of Latex Mattresses and Pillows, which are developed and made in Belgium, to cobrand with Annie+Alex to produce Natural Latex Pillows for both babies and toddlers.

In our collaboration, 2 types of natural latex pillows made available - Baby Donut Pillow and Toddler Pillow.

Annie+Alex will be distributing these cobranded baby and toddler pillows exclusively.

Annie+Alex Natural Latex Pillows will be exclusively launched at Boutique Fairs happening on 16-18 March 2018 at the F1 Pit Building.

Stay tuned for more details to come!


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