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Microfiber Hooded Poncho Towels

All along, I have been looking out for good and useful products to offer customers. May it be products for their own children, or products that customers can buy as gifts for their friends or loved ones.

I have been very particular with the type of products I carry. First and foremost, it has to be something that my children needs and will use, because they are my biggest critiques. Of course, a prerequisite for all my products is to have a personalisation touch to it.

At the moment, Annie is learning swimming, so there is a need for me to search for hooded towels that absorbs well and is soft to the skin. Hence, we decided to launch the Microfiber Hooded Poncho Towels!

These towels are soft to the touch and are super absorbent. Available in 2 sizes (Baby and Toddler) and 3 colours.

Embroidery personalisation is available with a small charge.


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